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What is Paraconsistent Logic?

Paraconsistent logic is a field of research based on the distinction between contradiction and triviality.

The expression was coined by the Peruvian philosopher Miró Quesada as an answer to Newton da Costa looking for a good name for the systems he was working on.

There are many different systems of paraconsistent logic based on different techniques.

Paraconsistent logic is connected with deep philosophical issues regarding the nature of negation and reality and it has a lot of applications ranging from geometry to washing machines, through medecine, law and music.



Paraconsistent logic can be used to modelize the wave-particle duality
and other paradoxical phenomena.

* WCP5 *

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Aim of the Event

This is the 5th world congress on paraconsistent logic, gathering top researchers from all over the world.

All aspects of paraconsistency are under examination: studies of various systems of paraconsistent logic, general tools and frameworks for these systems, philosophical discussion and historical investigations as well as challenging applications.

The WCP5 is emphasizing an interdisciplnary perspective ranging from mathematics to arts, through computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy and linguistics.